Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vacation: Day Two

We're on Coronado Island. I'm in the public library. I had to mail some grades to Veritas, and the internet access at the rental wasn't working. So, while I'm waiting for the agent at the Bank of America to type his response (which involves a story that doesn't concern you), I thought I would take advantage of the free bandwidth to blog.

I like Coronado Island. We're in the middle of their June gloom while we're here, but it beats the hell out of 100 degree weather back home. Mr. Sun can stay behind his clouds; I'll have a cup of coffee.

I brought four kinds of books: 1. Hegel 2. German 3. Law 4. Miscellanea.

1. I'm into Hegel right now. I ordered his History of Philosophy using a gift certificate. Using another certificate, I bought a new translation of the preface (yes, just the preface) to Phenomenology of the Spirit.

2. I have an edition of Hegel's Phenomenology that has German/English text. I thought I'd try to dive into the German and see what happens.

3. I'm going to read about Torts and, if there's time, Contracts.

4. I'm reading a book called Holy Madness about nations and nationalism in 19th C Europe. I bought a book about the British Empire that I'll move into next. I also bought a new book about Churchill by a historian I recently discovered: John Lukacs.


Anonymous said...

Well look who's back, with a hip new blog layout and swearin' like a sailor ~_^. Good to have you in the blogosphere again, Hansonius.

Hegel sounds fun. I bought the History of Philosophy a while ago but never mustered the courage to read it (other than the preface that we read for school). Perhaps I should do so.

Torts and contracts? I never will understand you law-minded people. I'm having a hard enough time with the good justice Scalia's book on constitutional interpretation, and he's not exactly technical...

Remember, you're formally required to recommend any good books you read to your former students...

Have fun on your gloomy island whilst we bask (bake?) merrily in the AZ sun!

miss kelly said...

IT'S HANSON! Funny you mention Hegel and German- I've been thinking of tacking on a German minor myself. Because, as we know, I have all the time in the world.