Saturday, June 02, 2007

Summer Time Format

Every now and then I like to give my blog a new look. It makes me feel like I'm a responsible blogger.

You'll notice (if you've been an attentive reader) that the text has changed sides. This shift to the right has nothing to do with my time at the Goldwater Institute.

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Veritas Nerd said...

Hi Mr.Hanson! It's me, Tess, with Sage right here by my side. It is 1:07 am right now, but sage and I are hyped up on ice cream and pizza! Yay! Thanks for enabling your blog (finally)... well, I don't think that Sage or I will be able to sleep because these freakin' gerbils won't stop RUNNING on their FREAKIN' WHEEL!!! We miss you! Sage saw Mr. Sullivan at Sauce on the 14th of June and we didn't say anything. (awkward!) It's wierd when you see a teacher doing normal things like a normal person (ie. a teacher drinking wine and beer). I'm not mentioning any names... I went to Ireland last week... It was the same. I've been 6 other times, so. Well, Sage is leaving me for 3 WEEKS! I could kill her! Well, keep on bloggin'!

-Sage and Tess :)