Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Goldwater Institute - Day 2

The Libertarians run a tight ship. My summer boss, Starlee, announced that she had found my blog. Her morning google turned up some Hansoniana (that doesn't sound so good) when she searched for "Goldwater Institute" on the Internet. So, even if I were so inclined, there can be no juicy office gossip. Sorry, folks.

Not that there's much to gossip about. My fellow Fellows are a calm bunch of interns. A room full of conservatives just isn't a recipe for whacky; you need a dash of liberalism to get things cooking. Although I'm not sure that "conservative" is the proper word: "libertarian" is how the other interns described themselves this morning.

Conservative, libertarian, liberal* -- beneath all the labels there is still the seething soul that is Hanson.

*I purposefully left out hegemonic to thwart my detractors.


Famulus said...

The libertarians run a tight ship--and they maintain a sweet office.

A beautiful building with wooden floors, towering ceilings, glass partitions and conference rooms bigger than my house = a powerful argument for free enterprise and private initiative.

A run-down publicly-funded charter school structure with expansive dirt fields and tiny little bathroom stalls = another powerful argument for free enterprise and private initiative.

la petite bĂȘte... said...

Leave "seething" to the Machiavellians out there. Like me.

Anyway, have you heard of the "Anonmous Lawyer" blog? It's a hoax, but it ran successfully for about a year. It's still online, if you want to check it out.

Hansonius said...

Famulus: The office is definitely sweet. I wish the school office had a gigantic ice-maker like Goldwater's.

La Petite Bete: You a Machiavellian? How do you spell pshaw?