Sunday, June 03, 2007

Catholic Writing

Yesterday was a festive day, a day that saw the Hanson family at two different parties. Party Number One was a little girl's birthday party (I think she turned 3 or 4) and I went mainly to watch Stella enjoy herself among the little people. As it turned out, I enjoyed myself among the big people, meeting a man who was excited to hear about our group of aspiring writers, the Kindlings. This man, Mark, is working on a screenplay (which I would describe as a biblico-political thriller) and had been on the lookout for a group of like-minded writers.

He was in luck (if a group of unpublished scribblers qualifies for being called 'writers'). The Kindlings were planning on meeting for a barbecue that very evening, Party Number Two. So within the space of 5 hours, Mark went from being a guy I met at some party to the newest member of the Kindlings, celebrating with his wife and children the joy of gigantic, inflatable water toys at the home of the Chestertonian Rob Drapeau. Life works out wonderfully sometimes.

Since I am on the subject of fledgling Catholic writers, let me direct your attention to another blog, the Mahwah Literary Review. This blog used to be under my sole proprietorship and under that condition I would not have had the temerity to recommend it. But things have changed. My friend and fellow Mahwahvian, Chris, has taken on the task of making it a blog worth reading. Chris has the learning (and the degree) of a PhD in English Literature together with the soul of a poet.

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mccaleb said...

oooh! I'm glad to see the Mahwah is up and running. I gave up checking it after several months of Beatrice's tomb...