Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation: Day Three

Today we met Elmo. Arriving early, we ate the sausages and tasteless eggs provided by Sea World (at $19 for each adult, and gratis for the children) in eager expectation. When Bert entered followed by the star himself, Stella became a quivering chunk of clingy two-year old. I had more sausages.

All told, Sea World was a success for the Hansons. We saw Arctic animals, as well as Antarctic. A polar bear walked right past our viewing-window, and the puffins were a particular delight. We left after four hours, so there were no emotional melt-downs in the park. The children were tired enough to nap for three hours each, which meant some major reading time for Hansonius (Finally, Lord Peter has arrived at Shrewsbury College to do some detecting himself!).

We ate dinner at the park. I was able to dart across the street to check some books out from the library. I came away with some Barzun I never heard of and some I never had time for.

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