Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Great (?) Expectations

My wife and I are going to watch Garrison Keillor's movie tonight.I'm not sure what to expect. I'm ambivalent towards Garrison: he makes me laugh and is one of the few human beings who has tempted me to become a liberal. Who wouldn't want to be part of his simple, down-to-earth world? Who doesn't want to share in his homespun wisdom? Who wouldn't want the big movie contract and the profits from the Prairie Home Companion merchandise?

I promise to let you know what I think of the film.

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mccaleb said...

having nothing to say about the content I will comment on the title. I despise that book. I tried to get through it three times and failed. For some reason I watched two or three movie versions of it too, all equally dismal. Altogether I succeeded in growing very tired of the story.

Thankfully, A Tale of Two Cities redeemed Dickens for me. Else I might have thrown the author out with the book. ...water. ...