Saturday, May 27, 2006

That's Right: Nuns

In one of the last weeks of school a seventh grader asked me if I had ever met a nun. I'm not sure where that question came from. That's just the way the seventh grade mind operates.

The answer is: yes, I have met nuns. When I was in high school I never figured that I'd be the kind of guy who knew nuns. It turns out that several people I knew in college (people I'd call friends, even) became nuns. If truth be told, I 'dated' a girl who became a nun (there is no cause and effect between those two facts and the quotes around 'dated' must wait for another day). That was definitely not something I planned on in high school.

Why spill all these beans? Because I think most people that I have met have the idea that nuns are old women who hit you with rulers. Sure, some nuns did some whacking before Vatican II. We're over that now, people. Nuns are cool, now. Check out this website- it proves it. That one's for you, Carrie Haney*!

Maybe this girl will be a nun someday:

*N.B. Not the nun I 'dated.'


Lucia said...

Magister, did you know Carrie Haney from Ville de Marie? The name sounded familiar, and I know that you used to know Miss Wade. Funny how that works.

Hansonius said...

I'm not sure whether Carrie Haney was at VDM or not. You're right, I did know Miss Wade. Emma Prima once alluded to this fact and seemed to glory in her knowledge of my earlier years. It's a small, strange world.

Regina Lucia said...

So I remember meeting you about 6 years ago. you were young. Only 20 lol!

Hansonius said...

Kooky. You were one of Miss Wade's students, then? Or were you just a VDM person in general?

Regina Lucia said...

I was in 4th grade, but I think that Miss Wade did teach Emma's class. I remember hearing a story that she told about getting in some kind of accident and having some skinform her leg graphed onto her face (and nose... I remember that part very well). Do you know if this is true? But I think that I remember meeting you, she might have brought you as a "show-and-tell" presentation for the whole school.