Sunday, May 28, 2006

Now I Wasn't Kidding

Stella and I have been up for a while now. She is operating the Exer-Saucer and squealing; I'm operating the browser and laughing. Now I was serious, folks, get over to the Old Scout. You'll find little gems like this:

Alone, on a dark night, on a beach somewhere, looking up at the Milky Way, it's possible for a person to imagine that he has unlimited creative potential that he is about to unlock and enter into his greatness, just as, in a thick fog, you can imagine that you're on the Atlantic Ocean and not in a canoe on Lake Calhoun, but eventually the fog lifts.

or again

Scripture tells us that we are like sheep, and as usual God is right on the mark. We grazing animals bumble around as coyotes or cougars never would do. They are targeted to go straight for the kill, like the guys on AM talk radio who go after Bill and Hillary for three hours a day Monday through Friday and rip them to pieces.

You don't like that? What's wrong with you people?

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