Friday, May 26, 2006

Blogging Fever

As I was driving to my school's end of the year ceremony, I was thinking of the myriad topics I could blog about. Essays on random things kept giving themselves titles in my mind a la Montaigne: Concerning Stop Signs or On the Nature of Mingling. Every subject seemed bloggable.

I remember my father mentioning a comment Boswell made about journaling. It can become compulsive, almost a disease of the mind, he said. I feel especially uneasy when I recall that Boswell never even had templates or settings or links to trouble him. The allure of options is difficult to resist.

And here I am, the night dragging on, at my feet Buddy the dog twitching in his sleep, blogging. Blogging...


iessica said...

I think you should seriously consider blogging on the nature of stop signs. It sounds so Chestertonian--the man wrote essays on cheese, for pity's sake. You'd be following in great footsteps.

Hansonius said...

De Vestigiis Chestertonianis

I agree, an essay on stop signs would be in a Chestertonian vein. Doesn't Gabriel Syme claim that the street lamp is more poetical than the tree? The order of the city is not less romantic than the wildness of nature was the idea. I could write an essay about stop signs symbolizing man's inherent need to set limits for himself.

It is also quite Chestertonian to write about books (or essays) that one will never write. Which reminds me that I must add Jorge Luis Borges to my list of interests.