Friday, May 26, 2006

My First Blog

Why am I beginning to blog now? There is no simple answer, and I don't want to bore you with complexities. Life is complicated as it is, and you don't need to be burdened with my inner workings. What you need is Hansoniana.

The term 'Hansoniana' is a Latin word. It is a neuter plural adjective used substantively. What does it mean, though? If I were asked to translate it I might say something like "Hansonian principles" or "things relating to Hanson". I prefer the brevity and prestige of 'Hansoniana.'

Does the Internet need either prestige or brevity? I think so. The blogging habit is post-modern: fractured selves, the absence of authority, a profusion of conflicting information, and irony as far as the eye can read. I offer as a counterweight the gravitas that only a dead language and proper punctuation can provide.


Palmer said...

You have just saved the future of the internet, Mr. Hanson. What would we have done without you?!

Hansonius said...

You probably would have slipped silently into the solipsistic world of digitized interaction without knowing it. Consider yourself fortunate, Palmer, consider yourself fortunate.

Emma Prima said...

Magister, I'm looking forward to psycho-analyzing your blog entries. By the start of next year, I'll be fully aware of the intricacies of the Hansonian mind.


Hansonius said...

Emma Prima,

Fear two things: Armenian electricians and the intricacies of any mind, Hansonian or otherwise.

You can lose $29.50 to both. Trust me on this one. Trust me.

iessica...primissima said...

Magister! I think you've saved more than the future of the internet. You've probably saved the future of the world.
...You'd better keep posting. I'll look forward to reading future Hansonianan monologues this summer.

...p.s. Ha ha emma prima--I'm one up on you now. I'm more the first of iessicas than you are of emmas (that's got to be a virtue somehow). I did consider McCaleba but that sounds like some species of tropical fruit that one might disembowel to make an out-of-tune instrument or something.

Hansonius said...

To me, primissima ends up looking like 'most prim.'

Two items:

One, 'Prim' is one of those words that I tend to use only in pairs, i.e. 'prim and proper.' I have no doubts that prim could stand on its own. It has not yet evolved into something like 'spick and span.'

Two, 'prim' actually comes from primus, -a, -um. Who could have known?

It is by Hansoniana such as these that the world will be saved.

Nemesis said...

Greetings, Nemesis. Welcome to the world of blogging. I look forward to reading your future rants and whatnot, and if I deem them worthy enough, I'll even add a link to your blog on my blog's main page. ;)

Seriously, good to see you on here. Blogging can be quite cathartic and satisfying to that creature known as the ego. Hope you enjoy it. :)

All best,
Your Nemesis

Hansonius said...

Nemesis: Thank you for your cordial welcome to the blogosphere. I plan on posting about our nemesisitude soon. Until then...beware.

mcvey the elder said...

We are all here, gazing at your so-called "weblog" posted upon the "interwebs." It is 10:54 PM. We are dressed as pirates. There is no reason for this, other than our planning to take over the world and kidnap Johnny Depp- er, uh, and stuff. (Ok, MD's birthday.)

... you have been warned.

-the elder.

Hansonius said...

mcvey the elder and piratical band:

Shiver me timbers. Who is MD?

iessica said...

MD. Merry Death. Also known as Meredith. But that's not NEARLY as interesting. And MD is easier to write. Arg.