Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back From Vacation

We arrived back in town on Sunday evening. Yesterday was a day for settling back in. Today is the first day of home-life fully resumed.

Living in another house for nearly two weeks made me appreciate my own home all the more. I like knowing where things are, the good spots to sit in, and what won't kill my children or maim them. I like having my books about me. I like Phoenix.

Yesterday evening I dropped some books off at the Acacia branch of the library before going on a walk along the "bridle path" on Central Avenue. Our local library doesn't measure up to the one on Coronado: theirs has a wide selection, ours a surly band of teens. But, still, it's ours. And though the temperature is far from cool, and there is no refreshing breeze from the sea, a walk along Central after 8:00 PM has its own charms (the lack of public restrooms not being one of them).

Now, ensconced in my study, I set out in earnest on the road to law school. Ojalá que llueva café.


JCasey said...

What made you decide to go to law school?
Is there a specific area of the law you are interested in pursuing?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm the only one for whom your blog has randomly reverted to its old layout and lists a June 24 post as the most recent one?

Regardless, I begin to worry that Hanson has fallen off the face of the earth...not that I'm a paragon of frequent blogging but surely you could spare the world a little Hansoniana every now and then? Especially since I can no longer bug you at Veritas...