Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One More Chuck Norris Fact

Here's another Chuck Norris fact from C. Seamus of the Mahwah Literary Review.

It's a proven medical fact that Chuck Norris's tears can cure cancer. The only problem: Chuck Norris doesn't cry.


Anonymous said...

What's sad is that I spent much of last summer memorizing said facts.

Famulus said...

My friends from the early '90s may recall Chuck Norris' CBS TV show "Walker: Texas Ranger".

I remember once seeing a promo for the week's upcoming episode in which Chuck Norris says, in voiceover, "Let's do it--man to man". The next image: Chuck Norris wielding a shoulder-mounted missile launcher.

Not exactly "man to man". Technically, that's "surface to air".

Hansonius said...

Chuck Norris can't be bothered with anything as sissy as the meaning of words. Chuck Norris is too busy teaching bad guys the meaning of pain.