Friday, April 27, 2007

Too Busy for Blogging

I have not been blogging because I have been busy. There are major changes at the Hanson house that require my attention.

Our sunroom is becoming an official part of the house. We hired a contractor to pour concrete, replace the windows and the cheap sliding door, and to make the room in general a nice place to be. On Wednesday night I was at Lowe's buying doors. How many times in your life have you been out past 9:00 PM purchasing doors? I've done it twice now.

The other major house project is the formation of what I call our "terrace." I called up my mason (yes, I have a mason) and had him build a curved wall in our front yard. My father in law made a gate so Stella and the dogs can't bolt into the street. We now have an enclosed area where I can sit with a beer and watch what my neighbors are doing.

In order for Alishia's sunroom project to move forward, I had to move all of the books from that room into my office. That occasioned a rearranging of shelves and the thought, "Why not just go wall to wall with IKEA products." Thank God I have a minivan to haul boxes of unassembled shelving. This office project is distracting me from finishing the terrace. I need to bust up some concrete in order to make way for shade trees.

In the midst of this labor, I am reading Brothers Karamazov, studying William James's Principles of Psychology, preparing for my LSAT, and considering an MBA. Blogging, unfortunately, has fallen to the wayside.


la petite bĂȘte... said...

You're becoming a lawyer?? And/or business man??

faithsalutes said...

you da man. go for law so i can have a lawyer i trust and i can guarantee is smarter than the other guy.

the house is lookin' good. and i have been to Lowes more times than i can count theses last couple of weeks. it doesnt smell the way Home Depot does, but it will in time.