Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The GNP of Nonsense

Yesterday I announced my return to the blogosphere. That meager post has already received four comments. It seems that Hansoniana has not been entirely forgotten. From that I take heart and I need it. My will to blog wavers.

It wavers because the blogosphere is full of pitiful attempts at self-expression and sorry excuses for thoughtfulness. I don't want to be part of the slovenly mob.

It wavers because blogging encourages bad habits of intellect. I don't want to produce cutesy blog entries rushed out in bad prose. I want deep thoughts and witty observations delivered in well-composed sentences.

It wavers because most of the blogs that I visit belong to notables. For Arizona news I like Espresso Pundit, produced by a former state representative. I enjoy On the Square over at First Things. Sometimes I stop by Victor Davis Hanson's site or Richard Pipes's.
Who am I, though?

Yet I blog. Why? Because blogging is writing and writing matters. Good writing is the result of good thinking; bad writing comes from bad thinking or no thinking at all. Jacques Barzun has said that sloppy writing contributes to the Gross National Product of Nonsense. I want that index to come down.


la petite bĂȘte... said...

... feeling guilty. My reasons for blogging are somewhat less noble. That is, they are mostly related to my narcissism and desire to avoid responsibility.

Still, though. I rationalize it all by saying that I could be doing, I don't know, stereotypically wicked teenage things. "Blogs, not drugs."

As far as Hansoniana goes- please keep blogging! Think of Montaigne. You could be the Montaigne of modernity.

MD said...

Like 'La Petite Bete', my motives are more shallow - but shallow, I believe, on a higher level than most. Ah! Oximorons, dangit.

... For example, my last blog included a link to a site that sells action figures of the Pope. See? Other teenage girls would be blogging about boys and makeup! I, on the other hand, engage in sem-mockery of religious leaders!

mccaleb said...

Here's to the raising of blogging standards! Besides, what can Hansoniana be but witty sayings well-phrased? 'twouldn't be Hansoniana otherwise.

Naturally, my own blogging standards are of the highest caliber. I ramble quite cheerfully about 24, and Mr. Darcy, and school, and the occasional intelligent philosophical subject, and all manner of lively interesting things that nobody reads...

But really, don't waver now. I had given up entirely on the perpetuation of Hansonian wisdoms, and to cut short such a welcome and unlooked-for return wouldn't do at all.

faithsalutes said...

I have this gut feeling that I am raising the GNP of Nonsense. Please accept my most humble apologies, I think I can make it up to you by babysitting.