Friday, June 09, 2006

Quid sit Ars

Stella is meeting her first artist, the great Bruce "Bruno" Brazell. Bruce is explaining to Stella that great art is elevating. Stella has pooped her pants. This, too, is human, Stella explains. Bruce agrees.Next Bruce likens art to a mirror which shows us our real selves. Stella is rapt by this metaphor. I just hope her real self isn't a mouth-breather.Finally, "Bruno" attempted to reveal the secrets of his art in plain terms. Stella, as you can see, was less than attentive.


Anonymous said...

Get thee to a nunnery! Wouldst thou be a breeder of MOUTH BREATHERS? ~Hamlet.

At least, he should have said that.

emma prima said...

Agreed, Kelly. Well, he should have been played by James Dean. Imperious Dean, dead and turned to clay. ...YOU'RE TEARING ME APA-HT!