Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Two Obs

It was February 14th, 1998. It was the Saturday I turned 18. I went to a used book sale at the fairgrounds. Then I went to a casino on the Indian reservation with my friend, Vince: I won $250 (which is a lot of quarters) and thought I was doing well until Vince told me he had won $600. On the whole a bad introduction to legalized gambling.

We then went to see a movie called The Zero Effect. It was here that one of the key Hansonian principles came to me: the two obs.

I always say that the essence of my work relies fundamentally on two basic principles: objectivity and observation, or "the two obs" as I call them. My work relies on my ability to remain absolutely, purely objective, detached. I have mastered the fine art of detachment. And while it comes at some cost, this supreme objectivity is what makes me, I dare say, the greatest observer the world has ever known.

As a young man of eighteen, stepping out on the balcony of the AMC Esplanade 14, I knew that life would be different...forever.


susan mcvey said...

... I feel tragically young. I have never heard of that movie. WHat exactly is it about?

Hansonius said...

It's the tale of an agoraphobic detective who can only leave his apartment when he's on the job solving cases like "The Man with the Mismatched Shoelaces."

I find it odd that I remember the name of that case after 8 years.