Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Magma Man

Some readers might find themselves in the dark by "Pseudo-Hartmann"'s allusive reference to magma. The real Hartmann is none other than Herbert Hartmann. I knew him first as a tutor at Thomas Aquinas College. Friend, mentor, confidant, Hartmann steered me through the Scylla and Charybdis of romantic turmoil and intellectual confusion. It was in the midst of that interior upheaval that I earned the nickname "Magma Man." Magma is not known for its stability or purposeful sense of direction. Heat and destruction are its primary qualities. He also let me eat roasted chicken with my bare hands on his back patio during various seminars. He was kind enough to attend my wedding. These last two alone would be enough to earn for him my undying gratitude.

He has since gone on to a better place...Georgia. You can read about him here, in the Gainsville Times.


Alishia said...

A typo on the SCC website: "Dr. Herb Hartymann joined the SCC faculty for the Fall 2005 semester"
Harty har har.

Hansonius said...

Good catch, beloved wife. Readers of Hansoniana: if you wish to see the typo go to this page to share in the hearty laugh!

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