Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gratuitous Photos of Stella

Cute photos of Stella will attract a certain type of visitor. This is as it should be. Hansoniana are for all men and women...whether they know it or not.

Here Stella is playing with the duck while Pooh is coming out of her diaper.

At the Hansonian Institute we put safety first when learning to operate new equipment.

Not all of Joe's Os meet industry standards.

No paparazzi.

Tiny and Stella play hide-and-seek while daddy blogs.


iessica said...

Winnie-the-Pooh is a good thing. Have you introduced her to Frog and Toad yet Magister? No child's life is complete without Frog and Toad.

Hansonius said...

Stella had a frog-shaped humidifier for a while. We stopped using it because the head had to be propped up with sugar packets.

I'm reluctant to introduce Toad into the house. I don't want to confuse Stella with amphibian distinctions. I'm still not comfortable with the crocodile/alligator thing.

mcvey said...

... the baby's not hiding in the cabinet, right?

Hansonius said...

It's a fine line between "hiding" and "being set there by daddy so that he can do some blogging." The line is still there, though.

Regina Lucia said...

Did your helmet crush Stella's tiny neck? It looks painful! If it fits you, and your head is a lot bigger(and more noble) than hers, it won't fit her!!! Poor Stella... she will be raised in the shadow of that noble head of yours, Magister