Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Esperanto: The International Language That Works

The title of my post was once on a bumper-sticker that was on the bumper of my little '97 Dodge Dakota. Halcyon days for sure.

I would like to think that most people are calm, reasonable beings who are capable of evaluating a claim in dispassionate and disinterested way. But there is Esperanto.

In my experience, when the average person hears about Esperanto they say, "That's stupid," or, "That won't work." I learned long ago that efforts to explain are only met with good-natured ridicule. I hold no grudges, though. I'd do the same. That's the way we are. We mock what we don't understand (a Hansonian principle that derives from the 1985 film Spies Like Us).

Esperanto: taste and see.


Whiskey said...


Hansonius said...

Such is the way of the world.

Robert L. Read said...

The difficulty of a task does not diminish its worth. Thanks for mentioning Esperanto.

La valoro de tasko ne etigxas pro gxia malfacilo. Dankon pro la ligilo al ELNA.

Anonymous said...

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